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I just bought this and it is amazing. The feel is great for grip. Lack of color options. The black looks cheap and faded. I expected a better product from Apple. I purchased the day of release back The feel is great for grip. I purchased the day of release back in Sept or Oct.

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As of today May 25, It no longer charges. No it is not the cable or plug. I plug it in and the orange indicator comes on indicating it is charging. I had it sit on the charger for hours with no luck. Attach it to my Iphone and pops up dead. Last only 8 months?? I am not pleased. Dissappointed for a Apple Product. Answer now does it fit a 7. Answer now Does it come with warranty? Answer now Does it fit 6S Plus?

Чехлы батареи для iphone 6 plus | eBay

It will work with a wired head set. Unfortunately, due to the change in camera design, the case will It will work with a wired head set. Unfortunately, due to the change in camera design, the case will cover most of your camera. It will still charge and work as intended with the iPhone 8.

More Read full answer. Answer now Is this compatible with iPhone 8? Also, does it works with wired headset? Video tests consisted of repeated playback of a 2-hour minute movie purchased from the iTunes Store.

The 8 Best Battery Cases for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to Buy in 12222

Internet tests were conducted over 3G, LTE, and Wi-Fi networks using a dedicated web server, browsing snapshot versions of 20 popular web pages and receiving mail once an hour. Talk time tests were conducted by placing a cellular phone call. All settings were default except: All battery claims depend on network configuration and many other factors; actual results will vary. Browse all. Shop by Product. Shop by Category.

Add to Bag. Need some help? Contact us. Product Information. Designed by Apple. Manufacturer Information. Lithium-Based Battery Shipments Due to stand-alone lithium-based battery shipping restrictions, this product may only ship via ground and is subject to domestic and international shipping requirements. Write a review. Most Useful Most Recent 5. Yes No. But pretty cool Yes No. YAY I just bought this and it is amazing.

YAY Yes No. Dissappointed for a Apple Product The feel is great for grip. Dissappointed for a Apple Product Yes No. Alright okay, so i bought this case about 2 months ago and was working great and loving it besides the weight.

Mophie iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus Juice Pack Battery Case [Gold]

Alright Yes No. Read all 73 customer reviews. Answers from the community. After that, I put the case back. The case was kept on with the phone, and the battery was drained after another 2 days. So the estimate capacity of the case is about a little more than the phone battery itself. In other words, if you charge the phone with the case, it will at least double the during of use per charge. Love this new charging case!

Remember when they first came out with them how obvious they were? Super impressed and it charges or should I say re-charges your phone pretty fast. I was pleasantly surprised. Very durable too. My grandson dropped my phone on a tile floor and it held together, no scratches or dings. In addition, the charging case is more light and convenient than the power bank. Love, I will recommend it to anyone who needs extra phone battery.

This case is sturdy, and I love the feel of it.

Battery Case for iPhone 6 Plus

The battery makes it so I don't have to be close to a charger all the time which was the case before I got this. So far it's held up great! I'm happy with it. See All Buying Options. Bought it as a gift for my mom, she loved it. She always forgot to charge her phone or bring a external battery. Now she just use the case and has a whole day long use of her cell phone.

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Currently unavailable. This is my first battery charging case and I got to say it's pretty great so far! One of the worries I had with getting a case like this is the lack of phone protection most battery cases have I drop my phone a lot. With the grip on the back and the over-the-lip protection on the edges I feel a bit more safe with handling my phone. Additionally, the added size to phone resembles that of the slimmer Otterbox models which makes it easy to carry in my pocket.

On the down side though, I've already noticed some problems with charging both the phone and case at the same time.

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Maybe it's because my iPhone charger is from a 3rd party vendor, but it didn't have that issue when I first started. However so long as the case has a full charge I just charge my phone individually at night and Bint-Elsia Virginia. So far so good with it. Gets one full charge from dead" - by Gregory. Only used it a day so I can't give a longevity review.

Take in mind I was also streaming pandora radio through my phone for hours while it was charging my phone up. So far I'm happy with it. One thing that kind of stinks is that you have to use a supplied headphone jack extension cord to plug in your headphones, kind of like a life-proof case if you've owned one The case isn't the best for protection of the glass. Also the plastic cover does protrude above the glass. I would imagine a drop of the phone and a landing of the corner would crack the shell of the case, its that hard type plastic and not I was looking for a replacement of my old battery case, which started to act up charging port got loose.

Came across this one and I got it with very little expectations. To my surprise, the case is very well built, nice quality materials, pleasant to hold in hand. What is the most important feature - when plugged in, it charges both phone and case battery at the same time. This way I know both will be topped off once charging is done. It actually last 3 days when I pushed it. I only took the case off a few times and then a couple of days ago it started going crazy.