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Sometimes, all you need is just a plain phone with no bells and whistles

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  2. 5 great phones with QWERTY keyboards (roundup) - CNET
  3. 5 great phones with QWERTY keyboards
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  5. The 9 Best Text Messaging Phones to Buy in 12222

The phone has gracefully curved edges and is refreshingly thin when flipped open. The three-inch display is x pixels, making it easy to read texts without squinting. If you still struggle, though, the phone will read texts aloud. It has a five-megapixel rear-facing camera, but lacks a front-facing one, much to the dismay of selfie-lovers. Besides its keyboard, the ZTE also stands out with its two-megapixel camera, expandable microSD memory slot and music and video playback.

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Check out our other reviews of the best ZTE phones available on the market today. The two-inch TFT display pairs with a battery that allows for more than four hours of talk time.

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The Z does offer a crude version of a WAP browser, a gateway to the Internet, but requires a separate data package to connect. The outside monochrome display helps alert you to incoming calls, received texts or missed notifications for both calls and texts. This ZTE flip phone brings things back to basics.

There are no bells or whistles here, just a very affordable price tag and the ability to get the job done. The super basic user interface makes web browsing a lot less intuitive, but that's a trade-off you make for the spectacularly low price. Featuring a x TFT display, the phone also has a quad-core 1. This ZTE flip phone, pre-paid via Verizon, will basically make you do a double take — it gives you the nostalgia-inducing feel of flipping your phone open to answer a call and tapping out texts via a number pad , but it is otherwise, basically, a full-featured, Internet-ready 4G phone.

At only 4. The back offers a carbon-fiber-like texture that is both rugged and grippy hence its durability spot on this list. The removable battery is pretty sizeable at 1, mAh, which should give you a ton of standby time. The camera on the outside is 2MP, and you can also record HD-quality videos, all of which can be stored on a removable SD card slot that supports up to 32GB. Our reviewers spent hours testing the three most popular basic cell phones that are available today.

They ran down the battery, texted family and friends, and exhausted all the features.

5 great phones with QWERTY keyboards (roundup) - CNET

Hardware-wise, the T-Mo-restricted S Relay resembles the Stratosphere 2 greatly, but ups the processing power ante with a 1. On-board software? Android 4. One of the last remaining Mohicans of a lost era, the Droid 4 has aged rather gracefully, but it has aged nevertheless. Worth the dough? Refurb products are always a gamble, two year-olds especially, yet the Droid still has a few things going for it. Also, the 1, mAh battery is pretty tiny, plus non-removable.

Finally, have you ever carried around a brick in your trouser pocket? You will if you buy the Droid 4, as it weighs a staggering grams. The youngest of the bunch, released but a few weeks ago on T-Mobile , the F3Q looks like a violent blast from the past design-wise, with a funky turquoise blue physical keyboard and an even swankier textured rear cover. I personally think the blue-black color combo is a bit too much, but hey, kids may dig it, and in the long haul, it could help QWERTY phones become hip again.

The 4 GB on-board storage is cringe worthy, as is the 14 mm waist, yet software upgrades beyond 4.

5 great phones with QWERTY keyboards

Also, it packs a gargantuan 2, mAh battery , capable of holding a single charge for up to 16 hours of talk time and 16 days!!! Sure, the Big Red fellow is chubby as hell And the rear looks better too, in my humble opinion. Also on 4. Not sure whether we should laugh or cry seeing a mid phone top a list. And mind you, the Photon Q was hardly a high-ender when it first saw daylight, back in July Up for grabs for free with month Sprint agreements , the big guy weighs in at a massive grams, however it offers the most generous screen real estate of all seven QWERTY world champion title candidates: Any thoughts?

Maybe some other contenders we unintentionally snubbed? Sound off below. One more thing, Back in thinner phonew were all the rage because people thought thinner phonew were cool, just like the previous generation thought TINY phonew were cool and the manufacturers catered. My point here is this. Give us a 5. I got my first cel phone account with 2 lines in one for me and one for someone else. I soon opted for a cheap simple Samsund flip. I have had three or four since then and have switched to an LG flip, and another, then back to the Samsung, but now my phone is getting really crappy signal and I am missing lots of calls.

It is either my phone or my sim card or both that are outdated.

68 Replies to “Top 7 Android smartphones with physical QWERTY keyboards”

I get no network even with a signal booster from T-Mobile. The alternative is going with a New 4g type Flip Phone for seniors with the bigger buttons. I have been doing a couple weeks of research on all the different qwerty phone models and jotting down all the specs in a word file with pics of each model and have been reading reviews. I have ALS and still have use of my arms and hands. I use my phone to text and communicate. I am a physician and have a number of apps on my phone necessary for me to do my job well and seamlessly.

It is a pain and a disruption to use a screen keyboard especially when you hit one letter and get another. Have you checked the spelling of many of the medications, diseases and disorders, and medical terms, etc? I need the board to minimize errors and get info fast.

The 9 Best Text Messaging Phones to Buy in 12222

I like not having to carry textbooks or reference texts around. I also have a mobile pediatric practice. Techys are not the only professionals in the world. I have a Blackberry Priv which works great. Hope all docs can with minimal stress and hassle. I am on number 5 and they are getting harder and harder to find. I am getting older and my fingers are unable to work touch screen keyboards therefore I must use a physical keyboard. I hope the Motorola Droid 5 comes out soon. I love Q keywords!! I have long nails and they work great on them!!

I cannot use a touchscreen phone with them. My other long nailed friends use a stylus, but that takes more time AND it is easy to lose the stylus! I have a kindle and use my stylus for that. It is a pain!! Been using a Samsung Stratosphere for 2 years now with no issues. We should be able to order a phone to our liking as we do for a computer,laptop or car.

Im proud to be a Querty Geek!!!!! I am looking to up grade my phone but having second thoughts. I dislike touchscreen keyboards, sliders all the way! It caught my attention because it was advertised as a mini laptop with a fast cpu, good ram, and storage. There was a dock that was basically a big screen and keyboard using the phones hardware to process it.

I want a mini laptop like my atrix again. Wish more would jump on the Q-Train! I am a Registered Blind chap with some residual vision. My wife brought me into the 21st Century and bought me a Sony Experia Android. Previously I just had a tactile mobile telephone used for odd texts and calls. Texts just take so long.

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I bought another of the same phone for my daughter. See All Buying Options. Before this, I had a flip phone. Being older I didn't want anything like a smart phone, but this Lg. I had never used text before and this is working real good for me. Love it.

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  6. Ordered for a friend of mine who didn't want to use a plan with data charges, all he wanted was talk and text. He's very pleased with the phone, especially the slider keyboard. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. My son requested this phone to replace his LG Extravert. The '2' is easier to navigate, and he likes it better. He is not ready for a smart phone yet, so this basic phone does the job. It still does what it is supposed to do -- be a phone -- but he uses it mostly to play his mp3 music and for texting.

    It has bluetooth capabilities, and a camera, both of which work fine on the few occasions he has used either feature. He likes that it has touchscreen, and a slide-out keyboard. Bought this as a replacement phone for my father, he doesn't like smart phones and just wanted a phone he could dial and text on. This phone is perfect, it's sturdy, and the right size. He loves this phone, and for the price you can't say no, if you need a replacement phone or a new phone, and you don't want a smart phone but like the qwerty keyboard for texting, I suggest this one.

    Good phone. Good price. Speedy delivery. Easy set up. Basic circa cell phone communication - can't beat it. No frills. Great phone!