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I fixed that and installed 7zip. I did not stop to think these were self extraacting. Anyway, All looks the same as your screen pic except Hercules is showing as just a blank icon like a blank piece of paper. Now the file extensions are not showing. But i dont think that is the issue. Even when i extracted with 7zip and allowed 7z to integrate with tar files it turned Hercules into a 7z folder of course , but the Hercules was showing as a blank page and an image file Now i just downloaded the files i did not hook up the phone.

Is this the issue possibly? If i were not having issues with the puter. SO is 7zip needed after all. Even when 7z was installed the Hercules icon was just a blank piece of paper. Nor meaning to be a pain in the butt. But i was unsure as to why the puter is not showing the Hercules icon as Tar like in your pic? Of course nothing on this machine seems to display it properly. Since this is basically a fresh restore but acting quirky i am wondering if i neglected to install something.

Or is there any program i need on the phone. Thanks for the patience. Hey so this is my second SGS2 — My first one had a bad charging port. I had rooted that one with no problems. But this one has ICS on it and I keep getting the same error. All threads completed. Hi i just got my hands on a sgh t tmobile and have just had it unlocked to o2. If i root my device will it still be unlocked???

Having samsung fdriver issues as well. Windows tries to find CDC drivers and just waits but the internet sucks here. Max is it an issue that the.


[HOW TO] Root T and TD! TWRP+CWM! JB+I… | T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-T

Windows seems to not recognize it. Last time something similair happened a registry cleaner had deleted a file. I found. So fo everything to display properly like in your pic is there somethingi need. Sorry i have been confusing. To clarify When pluggin in and goin into odin the phone is in the download screen and stays there The pc wants to install MM6x80?.

Then the. Tar file look blank like its not recognized. A driver of course. That wass throwing me. It looks as though this worked like a charm so far. The SGH T is a spare no sim or sd card so a couple steps weree a teeny bit different. Now that it appears to be rooted. I did not back everything up all the original apps etc incase i should want to unroot or go back. I am about to install my SIM and try out the phone. Max i never doubted your method that stupid error i made on the MSM6x80 was throwing me.

Now that it looks like its rooted. Do i need to unlock it if i decide to sell it and can it be used on ATT if it were flashed.???? Damn titanium seems loaded with things. I could mess up lots of stuff WOW!! Id have done this sooner if i had not misread the messaage the computer was giving me. Odd Max i had not heard from a friend in days and when i switched phones to the rooted one i found her messages. So far i have not found anything not working on the new root.

I do want to know how to back this up before i start uninstalling things incase i decide to sell it. And i assume i still need it unlocked to use on ATT. Great job i dont feel like i have no control anymore I really did not know how much difference a root made. Hi, I just have a quick question about unzipping the files, for some reason every time I try to unzip the files, the recovery-cmw-hercules.

Anyone have any pointers to help me out? Hi, Max. First, sorry for my poor english. My problem is: My phone is running 4.

Four Steps to Rooting Your Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-T989

I heard that from version 4. Can you help me to include the Portuguese on my phone? Can we wipe and install a newer system that includes the language PT-BR? Or the same version but that includes the PT-BR? I used winrar and 7z both took over the zip file automatically. Final y i just u ticked all fe associations in bot profgrams making them useless and used the windos built i n archiver.

I dont know it iwas right but it worked.. The only thing was my. I rooted, did everything according to the directions. Is there anything that could be behind this problem? Or is there a way to fix it, other than just trying to turn it on over and over again?

I still have one phpne stock. I cannot decide what rom to install or juat remove the bloatwRe. All the roms look good. What ia rhe best in yoir opinion. One that all features work and provides best batterylife and least memory?. After rooting if it were unlocked.

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Could an ATT rom be flashed? Now it was a diffferent model. I would think it being the same gsm technology that it could be flashed. I actually have a couple questions. The one i rooted did not have an external sd. I stored the zip file to the usb storage folder. Should i get an sd card and reunroot. Or redo the root in a different folder.

I know i shpuld have used an sd card. But i did not have an extra. I have anothe gs2 running 4. I cannot seem to get flash player on it. I saw on the adobe sight no support for any device running more than 4. The gs3 is listed as being supported for 4. I have 2 htc sensations with 4. Both of them came with flash player. I put flash ayer on the other gs2. Yet going by adobe website. It looks as though nothing past 2. But since we all have gs2 running ICS maybe someone has an idea. Try this http: Seriously this is the easiest,simplest way to root for a noob like me.

The only reason i want it to root is being able to tether my ipad at work. It worked for more than 4 months now on Icecream version. Two weeks ago I got the message Unfortunately, the process com. I follow this article to root. I got Odin said pass. I tried to boot in the CWM recovery but unable too. The phone only boot into the Android System Recovery. I have attemped many times but unable to boot in to CWM recovery. Please help how to boot in CWM. Then boot straight into CWM recovery. I followed to pull out the battery and put battery back as soon as I see Pass on Odin.

But it still boot into the Android System recover. Since it was my first time i was not confident but It worked. Still not sure what happened. I removed some tmobile apps with Titanium backup. Odin v. File analysis.. Root and Titanium Backup, I highly recommend the paid version. Max has been good enough to provide detailed instructions on this procedure. Ok, I have all the files and I have it all on my Virtual Machine. I plug my phone into the usb and get it to the ODIN recovery no problem.

When I press the up volume button I get to the proper screen but the virtual machine is not reading my phone. I click on PDA and open the. I noticed that the small rectangular box on the left is blank. Any solutions? I do not have access to a pc…. Worked first time. For me that is a small miracle. I want to try it on my other gs2 with 4.

How to root T-Mobile Galaxy S2 T989 on Jelly Bean

Really all it supposedly did was make NCS work bettter and android beam. So has anyone tried keeping 4. For me really so far the latest ics is just a battery eater. Its a tough decision.

Guide to Root UVDMD5 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean on T-Mobile Galaxy S3 T999

Max, Thanks for such an easy root. I saved the zip folder to the phone not SD card. Or just pop in another SD card copy the files then delete from usb storage.? Or unroot and reroot. What is the best way to reset to factory or just clean it as if it were rooted out of the box. Its rooted and just messy. But the unrooted GS2 is just annoying at the lack of battery. Thanks for all the help!!!! It went to the regular download screen. Like in step 4. Since this is my first root is this normal. It boots to CWM when not attached to usb.

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  6. I assume it rooted occrectly. So is this normal? SOOn as i get this right iin my head i want to totaly wipe and try a couple custom roms. Just making sure that all is well and if it is safe to factory reset, wipe USB, etc. If i do have to move the files to a regular SD card and reroot then wil wiping the SD make any difference. MY SD and caches get cluttered quickly. Surely there is an app like CCleaner for android? BTW it was not your method i doubted it was my equipment i just have a quirky pc.

    Hi , … got a little problem , on step 6 before hitting the start button I am noticing that my phone does not appear on the ID: COM window top left , …. I have the Samsung galaxy s2 T 4. Instead it shows a dead Android with a red triangle. Is there another way around this? Wantkng to root my 4. I am hoping resetting the other gs2 that is rooted will not ruin the phone orr root.

    I just want to make sure before i rot the othher Gs2. Thanks in advance Max. My apologiea for being a pain earlier. Okay this is a little confusing to explain. On my rooted Gs2 i went to synch email accounts. Both are gmail. The rooted one worked fine separating emails but i normally just aynch the one account. So i am wondering if its a root glitch or a difference in runnin 4. Qhen it synched it added a bunch of new contacts that should not be there. I have noticed the setting for the 2 accounts are different. One seems more settings. I suspect just a glitch. But i saved the root files to the phone and done want to delete everything for fear of bricking.

    Sorry i also wondered if anyone elae does not have the option to return to home pagee when on a site. HOME is not an option under menu when online. Both GS2 do this. So maybe a Samsung thing? My HTC alllowed me to return to home page. Anyone else noticed this? I ask here because i have seen many different methods and its obviously way different. I have been trying to root my phone for a couple of days now. I did everything that you had on here step by step and every time it says that it has successfully done i go to reboot the phone everything reboots and still no root access.

    I have just reset my entire phone to factory reset and deleted everything off of my phone. Did the steps again said it was successfully done rebooted my phone and same thing still no root access. I have tried to do this about times all with the same turn out. Thanks man the steps helped alot to re-root my phone after the jedi mind trick rom messed up my partition or something.

    My samsung galxy s2 tmobile cannot turn on after i update it.. Pardon; at 1: Today i recieve new softwer update from t mobile it is ok to update my rooted phone or i just ignor it? Great, man I read a lot of foruns here in Brazil about root in this device, but isnt exist here. Your help was the one way to help me root my cel…. Thanks… finally got around to rooting my phone. Failed to install at first then I realized I had to disable my antivirus first.

    Hi All, I am new to rooting android! I stuck at step 6 after I hit start in Odin3. The message said All threads completed. It worked pertfectly as it said it did, haded problems trying to get my computer to recognize the phone but it all worked out fine. Just follow the simple instrutions. There are way too many people who have rooted with no ill effects for this to be a possibility. I had the Vibrant in , it never had good GPS rooted or not rooted.

    I then rooted it and the GPS works just as well now as it did when I first got it. Top notch GPS. Try the GPS troubleshooting. It will be fine. Trust me i did, sending it for repair was my last resort. Now right after root its back to the way it was. I finally rooted after various attempts, lol. Sorry, Im a newbie here.

    The only problem is that now when I press the power button to turn it off it gets stuck on the pink goodbye logo! Any suggestions or recommendations here??? I read you stated it was a tmobile ROM problem. So, is everyone experiencing this? Hey buddy, quick question. Please, I beg of you! Thanks for the help ahead of time! Once I double click on Odin3 v1. I recieve the below message: I can do whatever ROOT? I hope your answers as soon as possible. But everything seems normal. How i can fix this? When I put the. I had a black Galaxy S2 it was rooted. I can feel the vibration, so i took the battery out waited 2 mins and put it back on.

    The Samsung logo came on and the loading screen loaded half way and cuts off. I took the battery out again and repeated, same thing happened. Now every time I put the battery in; it show the logo…load, shut off and vibrate non-strop. Next day i took it to a repair shop he told me the motherboard went dead. Can you help me fix this? What do you think, should I sell it? I tried formatting from the Clockwork thing and rerooting. Wat I do? Btw after I rooted everything was fine, so I installed a custom font and it froze. Any help? I finally solved this problem by flashing the Darkside Cache Wipe.

    I had downloaded Quickboot App to turn on and restart my phone and found it to be very useful. It still works beautifully! Max, Good call on updating the title to this thread! I am running the stock ROM so far and loving it since they rolled it out on Kies yesterday. And Kudos to Max for supplying the root recipe!

    When I installed cwm and tryed to reset to factory settings, it broke starting my device at all! That happened each time as I tried to! So, I hope that you fix it and repost it here…. It does work on JB. You can only do it through stock recovery or through the settings to factory reset. You can use scripts to do it through a custom recovery. See here: Hi My S2 which is already on 4. It just sits there. The message says All threads completed. I restarted the phone after a long wait and no change is noticed on the phone. Can someone help. Question for you! Not a big deal to some, but I have spotty coverage at best at home and use it quite a bit.

    If I root using this method, will I lose my WiFi calling? I wanr to root my phone if im able too… will i be able to customize my phone how i want it to have?! Is it the same thing? I just did this. You need to install kies and use it to update your firmware to the 4. Max, When you are giving instructions on a video it would be helpful if you would not mumble and ramble on needlessly, it only makes things confusing.

    I am a newbie and I had trouble with this all day long yesterday. I removed all the files and started over again. I completed all the steps and opened the Super User up scrolled over to the left hand side and updated the binary file and I got finally got root. Super User imediately acked me if I wanted to grant it SuperUser permission. I then went and opened Titanium Backup which wouldnt work for me yesterday because I didnt have root and Super User asked me if I wanted to give it SuperUser permision as well. I am now backing everything up. Thanks — It finally worked. Good morning I have a problem between step 2 and step 3, following the instructions, i press vol up, vol down and power button at the same time, it resets and i feel the vibration but in this moment instead of appearing the warning that allows me enter in download mode ,enters in recovery mode!!!

    I get a sign that says: Never had to root a phone, thought I would be a good time to try. Your instructions are very awesome and I have a root phone! Time to go and play with some ROM! BTW I root from jellybean 4. Worked perfectly first time… thanks! Kudos for still having the tmobilegalaxys2rootICS. More often than not, these kinds of files are long gone from their hosts by the time I get around to needing them. Why is it that when i extract the files the recovery-cmw-hercules gets extracted to a img file instead of a tar file so when i try to load it in the pda it does not show up at all..

    Any suggestions? The only file you should be extracting to your desktop or some place else you can access easily is tmobilegalaxys2rootICS. I used this method it it worked perfectly. I have full root but does that mean my bootloader is unlocked? Thank you for this. However, yours is exceptionally easy to understand and follow. The phone is stuck in a reboot loop and I cannot get it to stay in the recovery mode.

    I cannot get it to stay in recovery to reflash the root. I take the battery out and the phone just starts to vibrate with the hard drive and just does it over and over. I have the SGH-T, followed the directions to the letter. The process went smooth as can be. The end result was a failure. No ROOT access. Not blaming, just unsure why or how. No fail messages of any kind. Someone throw me a bone here…. Now to start deleting start up programs and bloatware from TMO… Been a long time coming. Thanks to all who provided links and technical guidance so we can take our phones back.

    After checking root with Titanium Backup, It stated no root access. Hey, I really want to root my phone 4. If I root, will the unlock be gone? Can anyone suggest a kernel to use with Android 4. Maybe provide a link. Thanks in advance. Following the process, I am stuck on step 7. Namely, my phone does not restart. Here is what seems different: YES 45 counts. The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned…. If I reboot normally, everything is fine, and Windows 8 recognizes the device.

    Any thoughts? Then the Odin3 program shows my phone as COM3. For SGH-T you will see three drivers with different letters in the end. I had to wing it and downloaded the third and last. In any event, once you do that and open Odin, you will see the drive appear the yellow box in the upper left-hand corner, as it shown here in the screenshot. Hello, Everytime I try to use odin to being the rooting process.

    Can you help me fix this please? Thanks in Advance. I have done everything it says to do but I realized on step 2 it never pops up the warning but immediately poped up step 4. Under step 4 i see that on mine it says under custom binary download it says no. It didnt show me anything under apps…. The tmobilegalaxys2rootICS. I found a working file here: I did every step, very easy and simple to follow, for anyone who hav problems with step 6 the status in the odin is succeed 0, fail 0 then download http: I followed the steps perfectly for my t and ran ODIN after extracting the.

    I chose PDA and chose the. The phone begins to reboot while still plugged in but then it gets stuck at the samsung gs2 boot screen.

    How to Install ClockworkMod Touch on T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!

    It loads up until the very last of that blue bar but no further. Any suggestions would be wonderful!!! Installed the drivers with kies again and left it plugged in for a few more min. Magic I guess. Oh, and here is what my screen looked like when it froze….. The person who fixed it told me that the custom recovery flashed a new kernel, so he flashed a custom ROM to fix it. The click pda and select the zip file. I tried to root bu my phone does not finish the task of downloading. It is still saying downloading for hours and hours. Extract Odin zip file to get Odin3 v3. Switch your phone off.

    And make sure that you wait seconds to confirm complete the power down cycle. A screen will then come up; warning you about entering into Download Mode, press the Volume Down key to continue to enter Download Mode. Run Odin3 v3. If for some reason, you do not see the said notification, try another USB port.

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    Thanks Meter: By -Falco , Senior Member on 17th March , I made this tutorial because I feel that the other one in the sticky roll up thread is outdated. What you need: All the files that you need are all compressed into one zip archive for easy downloading and use. I will add proper sources later.