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Blackberry Restore Deleted Message

Sit back and sulk over the lost data? After today, you'd do anything but that. This article on Techspirited shells out ways to recover erased texts from a Blackberry phone, in a matter of just a few minutes. Of course, it may be frustrating for you to realize that for many, this method might not work, since, there is no easy way to recover deleted text messages from Blackberry smartphones. However, the methods we're going to be discussing here today assure that you get back the message you deleted accidentally.

Take a look at the following methods that explain some easy ways of recovering deleted texts from Blackberry phones, and give them a go. Method I. The good thing about Blackberry is that, it lets you search for files and folders from within, so that you can find what you need with no hassles at all. In this method, you will have to recall what keywords were used in the message, and type them in the Search option. If you've not yet lost your text message, chances are, the Search icon will find the message on the basis of the words that you've put in it. Since, the Search option will display a list of items that contain the words you put, and so, when it finds the message you were looking for, copy the contents by using the Copy option.

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This will have to be done in a new message. So, if you can't find your message anywhere in your inbox, this is the easiest way to find and recover the deleted message.

Method II. Yet another method of getting back deleted text messages on Blackberry is to make use of the backup that you recently created. If you're sure you received that message before you created a backup of all the stuff in your phone, you can easily retrieve your message. However, if you haven't created any backup of all the files in your phone, or if you're sure the backup was made long before you deleted the text message, this method wouldn't work. The trick for the future is, keep creating backups of all contents in your phone from time to time, just so that you have your data ready to be transferred into your phone in cases of a sudden device crash, accidental deletion, etc.

Method III.

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This method may cost you a few bucks, for we involve the usage of data recovery software. While many data recovery software might be free of cost, many charge you a few dollars, but assure you full recovery of deleted content. In devices like computers, laptops, hard-disks, and smartphones, even after a file is deleted, it is stored somewhere in the memory of the device, and one needs quite some technical support in order to retrieve it. While the Recycle Bin is the most common example that makes it easy to understand how deleted files can be retrieved, in a smartphone like Blackberry, even though there isn't a provision of a Recycle Bin, it is possible to retrieve deleted text messages through software created specially for Blackberry smartphones.

Dexrex and Retain for Blackberry are two such examples. Other third-party software might cost you a few bucks. You know, in my view, when you carry a smartphone like Blackberry in hand, you should make sure you're set for accidental device crash and freeze - that is to say, Blackberry is so vast in its performance and services, that these strokes should not astonish you. The key is to be prepared for them, keep a backup always , and install software that can keep all your data as archives. No loss of data, no inconvenience.

Part 2. Solutions to Retrieve Messages

End of the line. Share This. Go to your BlackBerry inbox on your phone and press the menu button.

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For a more thorough search go to your BlackBerry inbox and press the menu button again. Select search it should look like a magnifying-glass icon. Enter the search terms which would relate to your missing messages.

Names, keywords etc… words which would have been contained on the messages. Try the terms you can think of one at a time and try as many as you can think of. Deleted messages should still show up in the search results and you can move them into a new folder. If your cache has been cleared by battery removal for example or overwritten by use since the message deletion then the messages will no longer be available through the search.

Also note that each message has to be moved individually. No phone we tested this on had a bulk move feature. But even if you have to do it one by one, at least you get your messages back. For the most part step 3 should restore your messages.

Is It Possible to Recover Deleted SMS Texts on a BlackBerry Bold?

Before you go down this route you should check to see if your phone actually stores messages on your SIM card. Most will have the option but will not do so by default.

If it does then your deleted messages could still be stored on the card. So disable texts being saved to your SIM to prevent the deleted messages being replaced with new ones.