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Step 1: Please ensure that your mobile data is switched on.

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If it is not, you cannot send or receive MMS. Step 2: Reset the data network.

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To do this, follow these steps: On the Apps screen, tap Settings. Under Settings, tap Connections.

MMS Problems on an Android |

For lower Android versions, select Wireless and networks under Settings page. Ensure that Mobile Data is turned on. Press the Home button or keep tapping the Back button to go back to the Home screen. Under Connections, tap Mobile networks. Under Mobile networks, tap Access Point Names. Wait for the mobile to compete the reset. Step 3: If resetting the data network did not resolve the issue, check if the SIM card is from another network.

Set up MMS

Every provider has a unique APN and this is why you cannot use settings of another provider. In addition, 3G does not work if you set up the wrong APN. It is best to re-install the correct MMS settings. If the SIM card is not from other network, restart the device. If this still does not resolve the issue, your device needs to be assessed by an authorized technician.

I am wondering how I can fix this. Thank you so much! Since you mentioned that your Galaxy S5 was not having this issue, the question is, have you ever tried comparing the settings of your old device to the new one? By default, the Galaxy S7 is not configured to download picture messages automatically and the reason is to let the owner choose to accept or reject the download. This is a security measure for the sake of the owner and for the device as well because there were reports that some are getting a malware or virus due to MMS messages downloaded from unknown persons.

However, the choice is with the owner. This option is under the message settings just below the group messaging. Like I said, the default setting is turned off for security reasons and avoid getting malicious files from unknown sender. However, it really depends on the owner if what option you are comfortable with.

We recommend to perform a force reboot to refresh the device system, it can be fixed with a simple restart. If you are regularly using the text messages and MMS without removing the old messages, we recommend you to do so.

In case the device messaging memory is near full it could cause an issue and it will not download the MMS. This procedure will clear all your messages, so we recommend to backup the important messages.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Before you start the backup process, make sure that you are sync with the account. Then you can proceed and clear cache and data. Then restore the messages that you made backups.

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  8. Hi there! The phone is fine and no issues to other apps except receiving an MMS. Please help. Since you mentioned that the issue started after the update, then it might be a problem with the Messaging app.

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