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  2. Sony Xperia P LT22i - 16GB - Black (Unlocked) Smartphone
  3. Sony Xperia P all colors perfects Specification and Price for New and Second Hand
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On the right hand side of the device there is a volume rocker and a dedicated camera button. On the top of the device there is a 3. On the screen there are 3 capacitive buttons which sit on top of their associate icons. The back camera shoots HD videos at p. The Xperia P is than as well as it is only 9. The Xperia P features the Timescape user interface.

The Timescape UI is pretty impressive as with Timescape widget you can easily view all of your text messages and not only that you can view your call log, excluding all this you can easily view all of your Facebook posts and other posts in twitter and etc. So Timescape makes social networking easy for its users in a way. Like all the other Android smart phones the Xperia P has a notification bar at the top which is pretty useful as you get all of your notifications in one place.

Sony Xperia P Best Price in India , Specs & Review | Smartprix

Sony Mobile. Android 2. Rear Cam. Front Cam. Download a movie from Video Unlimited. Now use your phone to play, fast forward, or enjoy your favourite scene again. Or make yours music. Enjoy a global catalogue of more than 15 million songs from Music Unlimited. Stock Status: In a not-so-far-fetched scenario, the Sony Xperia P struggles to emerge from the shadow of the Xperia S flagship and sees its sales eaten into by its own more affordable siblings, the Xperia U and sola.

  1. Sony Xperia P all colors perfects Specification and Price for New and Second Hand | Top Articles;
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Many phones in a similar position would find it hard to rise to the challenge. Not the Sony Xperia P. This metal-clad warrior wants to be the maker of its own future. One is a good camera that can stand its own against pricier devices and will satisfy most people's need for still imaging and video capture.

The Xperia P stands behind the flagship S, but surprises with better build quality and a superbly visible screen. Placed squarely in the middle of Sony's smartphone line-up, its battery woes are the main concern. While the Xperia P has more design charm and better build quality, the Xperia S is already being substantially discounted in the UK, with a grander camera, larger screen and more capable processor. A feature-packed mid-range Android smartphone.

The Sony Xperia P is only an inch away from being the ultimate mid-range Android smartphone — packed with cool features, yet relatively inexpensive considering what you're getting in exchange. And what you get is a great camera, pretty interface, snappy dual-core processor, and one of the brightest smartphone displays to date, all encased inside of a solid aluminum package.

The only things that drag the smartphone down are its imperfect color representation and the aging Android 2. Display with outstanding outdoor visibility Camera is really good Great in-call audio quality Gingerbread at launch Display colors could have been more accurate. Show More. September 18, Add Comment 0 total.

Sony Xperia P LT22i - 16GB - Black (Unlocked) Smartphone

April 10, With one negative point stands a tower of fabulous functionalities. February 25, Best feature phone, mid-ranger..

December 15, Perfect Design and Awesome Looks. Aluminium Unibody 4-inch is the perfect size to use with one hand great in-ear headphones No Expandable memory slot. December 10, Uploading Files Related Products. Related Searches. Compared With.

Sony Xperia P all colors perfects Specification and Price for New and Second Hand

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5 653,15 RUB

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