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So, make the most of the downloads and upgrades offered in your phone's Download! In particular, note that all Nokia phone owners are entitled to a free upgrade to the latest v6 viewers, giving extra document compatibility - look in the 'Updates and upgrades' section of Quickoffice if you're not already on v6. As with Opera Mini, don't write this off because it's Java-hosted. Snaptu offers to bring whole swathes of your online life together in one, streamlined and optimised application.

Social networks, news, TV listings, the works.


Symbian S60 and Symbian^3 Smartphone Compatibility List

And it's extensible, with new modules being added weekly. Get it from the Nokia Ovi Store or by going to m. One of S60's best kept secrets, AccuWeather was always a useful little widget to have installed. With the advent of S60 5th Edition and touch control, it has been dramatically improved, now with hourly and daily forecasts, weather charts, maps, and even GPS integration, to query the exact forecast for your current location - and all for free, quite amazingly.

Admittedly, it takes a good ten seconds or so to retrieve the necessary weather data over the Internet, but in this case it's well worth the wait and anyway, with your multitasking smartphone you can just switch away to something else and come back shortly, can't you? A terrific way to keep your important desktop folders automatically backed up you get up to 10GB free, amazingly, in Nokia's 'Anytime files' system and to have remote access to your master documents - on either Windows PC or Apple Mac - through the phone, Files on Ovi is fully compatible with Nokia's S60 5th Edition phones - it's just that Nokia doesn't make it easy Although you can simply access your 'Files on Ovi' through the mobile web site, it's tedious having to keep signing in, which makes the Files on Ovi widget so important, since it handles this for you.

You'll also need to install the Windows or Mac OS X 'connector' utility, which handles the remote file access and the uploading to 'Anytime files'. I believe this solution also works with the Samsung S60 5th Edition phone s , but don't tell Nokia Although this hasn't been fully updated officially yet for S60 5th Edition and thus shouldn't qualify for this list as not being optimised, I couldn't resist adding the necessary install for driving a Bluetooth wireless keyboard. With this onboard, you can treat your S60 full-screen touch phone a is shown below as a mini-laptop and the solution works rather well.

And no, don't worry, you don't have to speak French. There's general news, business, culture and weather content here, in pre-edited but regularly updated 10 minute segments, all in either French, English or Arabic, plus a genuinely live stream onto the appropriate language France TV channel. Video quality's not the best by default , but you can change the stream to 'Highest quality' in Settings, after which picture quality is easily up with that of the BBC's iPlayer. With the dual LED flash system able to be used during video recording, why on earth didn't Nokia let us use the LEDs as a torch when needed?

Why indeed, which is why PhoneTorch is such a little God-send.

Throwback: Symbian OS Evolution (S60, Belle, Meego)

On devices with the LEDs covered in normal use e. Perhaps a pinnacle of modern software engineering, JoikuSpot turns your S60 phone and its data connection into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices of yours to hook into. Yes, PC Suite also allows through-Internet connections, but isn't is just so cool to be making your own Wi-Fi hotspot? As ever, I can't split these two, offering very similar feature sets.

So I'm going to let you try both and make your own mind up! Grab both utilities from the Nokia Ovi Store or directly from the developer mobile sites: Get Fring by going to m. This well known live video capture utility. The quality of its output usually disappoints relative to capturing video with the native Camera app , but hey, if you need to stream live then you need to stream live! Get it from the Nokia Ovi Store or e. Aside from Skype, its one omission, this is perhaps the ultimate instant messaging client for S60, building in every other chat system, including unusually Facebook Chat.

There's GPS support too, so that your contacts can see where you are in the world.

Symbian - Wikipedia

Similar to Worldmate but here compatible with all S60 phones and not just Nokia ones , this offers free travel related functions, including daylight globe, currency conversion and 5 day weather forecast. It's all rather slick and, like Worldmate, Psiloc probably plan to make their money on the premium flight information, coming soon.

The rest of the application is free, however, which is why it's included here. Only their advanced phone models the smartphones run Symbian. The ordinary cheaper models run a much simpler operating system called ISA. ISA-based phones use an interface called Series 40, and they're often referred to as "Series 40 phones". For various historical reasons some people mistakenly think Series 40 is something to do with Symbian, but it isn't. Nokia is the biggest maker of Symbian phones, but they're not the only maker. Symbian is in over million devices and about half of all smartphones use it as their operating system.

It's by far the most used OS on portable computing devices. The reason you probably haven't heard of it is because it's not really a consumer brand. Manufacturers who use it in their smartphones tend not to mention it on the phone's box or on the start-up screen, so most Symbian users aren't aware that they ARE Symbian users! However that may change soon as the old Symbian company has been replaced by the Symbian Foundation, an organisation dedicated to encouraging Symbian use and awareness.

The Symbian operating system has now been made royalty-free so any manufacturer can use it free-of-charge, and the Symbian "source code" is about to become open source, along much the same lines as Google's Android operating system. Don't worry if that last part sounded like gibberish, you don't need to know anything about operating systems in order to use them. In fact you probably use several different OSes every day, in your computer, your phone, your games console, even your car if it's a new model. OSes intended for public use hide their workings behind easy-to-use interfaces so you never have to worry about what goes on behind the scenes.

Well, different people have different definitions of the word, but basically it means a combination of a computer and a mobile phone. Smartphones are like pocket-sized PCs, and you can even attach a monitor and full-size keyboard to many smartphones including the If you want a very technical definition, we would say that a smartphone lets you install and run native software.

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Native software means applications and games that can access the phone's computing hardware very directly, which means they can use the hardware to its fullest. Non-smart phones can run Java apps and games, but these have to run through a special application called Java VM, which slows things down and restricts what the Java software can do.

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Native apps can work directly with the phone itself, and that's why smartphones can run more advanced applications than normal phones. For example smartphone games tend to have much better graphics than games on ordinary phones, because smartphone games are native software. It's not an innovative idea, but it looks much jazzier than the list of albums on the X6 -- which isn't hard, since the Nokia music player was looking older than dirt.

The N8 is the first Nokia phone with multitouch, so you can pinch to zoom in the Web browser, for example. This is a long-overdue update -- we've become utterly addicted to this intuitive way of interacting with Web pages and images. In the browser, not only does this get rid of the zooming slider that blocks the screen in the old browser, it also gives more potential for app developers to take advantage of gestures in their creations. But the zooming isn't as smooth as on the iPhone, which is the undisputed champion of multitouch.

It's not just for video -- you can show off your photos, play phone games on the big screen, and play music through your home-cinema speakers. People were hardly clamouring for this feature, but if you like to share your stuff, it's a nice perk -- as long as you don't expect crystal-clear hi-def pictures. Stay tuned for our in-depth review of HD video on the big screen running on the N8. Nokia has always been ahead of the pack with multitasking, so you can listen to Internet radio while browsing the Web, for example. But phones like the X6 have struggled with memory-management problems, leading to error messages and forcing users to shut down apps themselves.

Symbian 3 says it can run more apps at once, and the new task manager shows great big thumbnails that make it easier to switch and close applications. In our tests, we haven't seen any memory-management problems with the N8 so far, except in beta versions of apps.

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Although Nokias tend to have great connectivity features, it's been an epic pain in the eyeball to get them all working, whether you're connecting to Wi-Fi or 3G.