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  1. Download TaiG jailbreak for iOS 8
  2. GeekGrade IPSW Download [Tethered Downgrade for A4 Devices]
  3. Apple TV firmware as well!
  4. iJailbreak Downloads Section

Pretty much every jailbreak tool ever released is available here for download. Obviously, some of them are outdated but we like to keep them here as legacy download links.

Download TaiG jailbreak for iOS 8

As always, please feel free to get in touch with us if you think we forgot something or if something is broken. You can download the latest version of Pangu below. Click here to read our coverage of the Pangu jailbreak. TaiG for iOS 8 was first released on November 29, Developed by the TaiG team, this jailbreak came roughly a month after Pangu released the first jailbreak for iOS 8. This tool has the particularity of being the only one available to jailbreak iOS 8.

It is also available for iOS 8. Pangu for iOS 8 was released on October 22, Developed by the Pangu Team, a group of hackers from China, this release of Pangu was the first jailbreak available for iOS 8.

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Pangu is a jailbreak tool released in June by the Pangu Team, a group of hackers from China. Very little is known so far about the Pangu Team. The Pangu jailbreak is the first jailbreak for iOS 7. Released by the evad3rs — a team comprised of pod2g, MuscleNerd, PlanetBeing, and Pimskeks — in February , evasi0n has been a long-awaited jailbreak for the iPhone 5 and other iOS 6 devices.

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  8. For those of you keeping score at home, it took the evad3rs days to crack iOS 6. Evasi0n is one the most simple jailbreak utilities available. It is an untethered jailbreak that works with all devices running iOS 6 to iOS 6. For more information about this tool, please make sure to check out our dedicated evasi0n page where you will find the latest developments as well as guides and tutorials.

    There is no reason to use a previous version of evasi0n. It is a tool for older devices running iOS 6.

    GeekGrade IPSW Download [Tethered Downgrade for A4 Devices]

    Redsn0w is a jailbreak utility developed by the Dev-Team. Originally called QuickPWN, this jailbreak tool was quickly renamed, and has now become a household name for most jailbreakers. Unlike PwnageTool, RedSn0w works for both Mac and Windows, and is considered to be one of the most reliable jailbreaks by the whole community. For a complete rundown of this utility, including tutorials and videos, please refer to our dedicated RedSn0w page.

    Apple TV firmware as well!

    You can also keep in touch with the latest RedSn0w news by following our dedicated RedSn0w tag page. Download RedSn0w 0. Absinthe is a userland jailbreak utility for many devices running iOS 5, 5.

    This tool was first released on January 20, , and is available as a standalone tool Absinthe , a command line tool, and as part of a RedSn0w update. Hope this helps! I seem to be having a issue. Everytime I use ireb when it completes the device reboots. Leave this field empty. Legacy Jailbreak. Table of Contents. Share 7. Related Posts. Can you get the SHSH blobs from the tethered downgrade and restore it untethered with the blobs?

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    iJailbreak Downloads Section

    Tyler September 26, Try contacting the developer on Twitter realhacks4live. Gian October 22, Can i jailbreak iphone 4 gsm rev a 3,2 running ios 6. Gian October 24, This is not a jailbreak tool.

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