Iphone 4 just died and wont turn on

Perform a Hard Reset on iPhone 8 or Newer

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They offered no solution. I am not comfortable sending my phone in to be repaired with ALL my personal info still on it. I just cant trust anyone like that. What would any of you suggest would be the best bet for me moving forward? Back up your iPhone to your computer with iTunes, then back it up to iCloud. Then send in your iPhone. When you get it back, you can restore it from iTunes or iCloud. Use both backups. Hey, my iphone 4 died and wont charge at all.

These methods didnt work for me either! So again, thanks. As this article states, it is very rare for an iPhone to be defective if it has been properly taken care of. After removing the screw, everything worked fine. So if you are in a similar situation, I would recommend looking at the inside to try to find something that could be shorting out the circuit board.

Plug It In, Let It Charge — And Wait

Hope this helps someone. Yes the forced reboot worked great for me too but also I had to toggle the mute button a few times as I read on another post which worked fine aaaah relief!!! You guys are the best! Thank you so, so, so, so much! I thought I had to get a new phone or pay a thousand bucks to get it repaired! Thank you so much! My iPhone 4s turns on goes to the white apple sign guide to black screen then turns off and repeats. All you have to do is get your phone out of bootloop daveyon. This will factory reset to current software which means hopefully you have a backup or your pretty much screwed.

I used a third party charger. Thank you so much, I was so scared when my 2 year old IPhone 4S shut off after not being dead and this article saved me from going crazy! Thank you again! I thought my ipod was done, but the reboot worked! I have no time to go to the Genius Bar because I have waited too long and need my iPod for a trip to Florida.

Thanks for the help anyways: This worked well for me. What can I do to restore the crashed or frozen iPhone. Will appreciate a reply to my email provided. I thought my iPhone was toast!! I did the hard boot up as you suggested and in 18 seconds of holding down both the home button and the power button, my phone immediately came up. So grateful for your tip!! Dropped my iPhone 6 on hard floor this morning. Tried to plug it into computer, wall outlet, and holding down home button and lock button. Nothing has worked so far nothing has shown up on screen. Please help!

Thank you in advance. My iphone was not responding and it had me quite worried so I force rebooted it and its working again. If your button is broken and the iPhone is turned off, plug it into a charger for it to turn on, which is mentioned in the article that you skimmed through. Thank you soooo much!! This was very helpful, I tried holding the home and the lock screen button together and it turned on within a few seconds! I am so glad, I was freaking out.

Thanks a lot! Thank you the reboot using both buttons worked! Does anyone know how much it costs to get my phone replaced? It is a iPhone 5s. Depends on where you are from, but you can replace malfunctioning iPhones at most Apple Stores, and they can repair devices too. Often it is cheaper to just sign up for a new contract to subsidize the iPhone purchase.

My phone died so I plugged it in and it said it was charging, but it has been over a day now and it wont turn on. I have tried all of these methods and none of them worked, my phone did fall in the pool 2 months ago but we put in rice and it has been working fine since. Can this be a late reaction or what? I dropped my phone in the toilet too, but that was all the way back in April and its now May, it could be a late reaction but ive tried everything and nothing is working, and i swear im not over exaggerating!! You dropped your iPhone in a toilet, that is why it is not working.

You will probably need a new iPhone if it was water damaged. Was using iPhone 5s, set it down for a few minutes and when I tried to use phone, it was dead. I wiped my phone clean and the problem still exists. Anyone run into this problem? Perhaps this is the way Apple gets ppl to upgrade every two years. Thank you Thank you!

iPhone Wont Turn On

Your instructions for a forced reboot saved the day! I have an iPhone 4s and I have dropped it a few times on concrete and it has cracked we have taken it to a place in Campbelltown near big w and Ally and they have fixed it. I had the same issue with red lines and could not charge my iphone. If first noticed this issue after leaving my phone in the car multiple times during the day which reached degree temps. So I get into the car and notice my phone battery is dead. However, I woke up today and it showed the little red lines and nothing including a hard reset worked.

Thinking it was the charger, I used another charger and still have the same issue, it would not charge. Got the apple logo and it started up and showed a full charge. Home button not working so downloaded the home button app onto screen. I tried everything leaved it for 4 hours but after connecting charger in 10 mins it shows black screen and nothing. Thanks very much I can now go to bed and wake up on time alarm , and not have to buy a new phone. Ooh my God, thanks guys. Am glad I read this, I just did a hard reboot and my iPhone turned on after a cool 2days.

I went to sleep with my phone plugged in, woke up the next morning it worked for a couple of minutes and then just stopped working it wont come on But I know it is on because when I turn it on silent it vibrates and when I plug it in to the charger it vibrates but when someone calls or texts me nothing happens. So I am experiencing this issue, and I plugged in my phone and left it alone for a while and nothing happened.

Unfortunately, my power button is not working at all, so I am not able to attempt a hard reset. I have no clue what to do and I have no money to pay to get it fixed. Any other ideas? It was working this morning. I dropped my phone in water Saturday and had it in rice since this morning. I plugged it in and the apple sign show for just a second at least and it went blank again.

I had what I thought was a completely dead iPhone5. Still dead after 24 hours of charging. Finally solved the issue by brushing out some gunk that was in the charger opening. Was so relieved when the low battery icon appeared on the screen! Im lucky its under warranty i guess. Im supposed to have this for 2 years. All these didnt work on my phone. Brandnew phone and it wouldnt respond. Tried everything. Its a pity. John leddy and Melissa the same is wrong with my iPhone 5s. I had it for a bout a week everything one fine.

Again, no water damage nor did I drop it. However the next morning it was dead so I had believed it was because I did not charge it and nope that was not case. Thank you for helping!!! My screen was frozen and the reboot worked! And I cant get any solution for that. Can u plz explain me what to do?

It already had a broken headphone-jack which gave out blurry sounds. Recently, I bought a spare headphone-jack component in order to replace it.

My iPhone 4 won't turn on or charge!

While disconnecting the battery I ripped the tiny tray holder which connects the battery to iphone off. Nevertheless i continued with the replacement. After the reassemble i turned it on but that only worked while pressing on the silver connection dock of the battery. Once i loosen the pressure it switches off. I already bought a knew battery but the phone wont accept?

Restoring and upgrading doesnt work. Pls help.

Due to old version of itunes, it didnt manage to restore my iphone. So i left it my phone for a good 2 months and when i tried to charge it didnt show anything. I need help! Thank you for this page. When I woke up this morning to a blank screen, I think my heart stopped! I charged for 1hour and did hard reboot. Is ot just broken now? What do I do?! Hello guys! The thing is, i just discovered that, when you charged your phone, please make sure you are using the original iphone cable and not the cheap one.

While, when im not use the original cable, it wont charge. I hope you guys understand what im trying to say. My Iphone 5 not charged for months. Now i tried to charge nothing happened. But Black apple logo flashes. I tried rebooting. When connecting to windows pc the device is not sensing. What to do further? Thank you so much my new phone which I just got randomly turned off and I was literally about to cry but I just googled it. My iphone switched off from low battery i plugged it in and it wont turn ON…….

It is already minutes in charge and the screen is still black. Nothing happens!!!!!!

9 Simple Ways to Fix iPhone Won't Turn On (in 3 Minutes) - Saint

Keep it plugged in to the wall, be sure it is plugged into a wall charger that has a powered outlet too. I was happy because my phone was finally going to be working again but now my screen is stuck on the blue iTunes screen thingy, this has never happened to me before: I turned it on and it worked, it was fully charged. Thank you so so much because my phone was totally unresponsive an PhD now it shows the charging sign! Leave it charging then after going back, same issue. Done doing the Force reboot. After letting the battery die completely, I put my phone on charge by the bed.

The battery symbol came on to say it was charging. I was sure it was broken and as it was just out of warranty, I was gutted.

What To Do When an iPhone Won’t Turn On

I eventually gave up and took the phone downstairs to have a good look and check the web. I plugged it into the nearest charger, which is the larger iPad air charger and tried everything again. Not sure if the larger power supply for the iPad made a difference, but it is now charging and has switched on! This might be worth checking, as the normal iPhone charger did not work. Thanks for the help!!!! I broke my phone completely, as in the actual phone frame was bent, the front of the screen was coming off and the battery was fried so it would not turn on at all.

I went to a phone repair shop in Shrewsbury called Phone Clinic. It took the guy the best part of an hour but eventually he fixed it to that point where it would turn on and the frame was no longer bent. My phone was charging for a few hours and i was really concerned on why it would not turn on even after being repaired. When i saw this i left it charging over night and did not touch it once.

iphone stuck on red battery screen

The next morning when i woke up the phone was perfectly fine. Hey my iphone 5c was confiscated for 5 days and i just got it back yesterday i plugged my iphone in to charge relised my charger didnt work then i got a new charger with an adapter as it was a 4s charger did not work now plugged in with a different one it shows the red charging screen and it wont turn on to the apple logo it has been 1 hour on charge not doing anthing please help!!!! Heat the phone for a bit put it under your laptop, screen facing down for a bit to get it warm.

Then plug it in to charge. Mine came back on in like two minutes. Good luck. My phone is on the charger but the battery sign is not piping up what do I do can you please help. Thanks so much.

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On vacation and panicked when phone would not work so glad I had my iPad so I could get help. This worked! My iPhone might be damaged kept it charged and showed the battery sign came back later and it only showed a black screen. I had it on charge for hours nothing seems to work. This is my second iPhone and my first iPhone scare. Holding the 2 buttons worked like a charm. My phone was charging for an hour and would not turn on..

Did the re boot and it turned on instantly! Amazing so happy! Thank you soooooooo much. Luckily found this site and as instructed charged it for 3 -4 hours and voila! Thanks again: This may work for some of you. I tried the hard reboot. Nothing was working. My iphone is really cold sensitive. Super battery drain. So I had been using my heat bag the kind you warm up in the microwave to warm up…and after it was barely warm, I put my iphone wrapped in it to try to warm it up. My iPhone 4 was also very cold sensitive and heating it up would cause it to work again after a cold battery drain.

Stupid, I know. Really over it! The 7s are different. Worked so well even cleaned off the old girl with some alcohol man she looks pretty. Any other tricks? I got my iphone from ebay and im not sure whats wrong with because its not working and sometimes whe i try to fix it, i press on the screen and it amkes dialing sounds like it on emergency call but the screen is still black please help! Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: November 7, at 2: Prasad says: November 7, at 6: Ace says: February 13, at 5: Carmina says: February 13, at 7: Princess says: November 17, at Scott says: November 7, at 7: Sue says: November 10, at Char says: November 12, at 7: November 13, at 4: November 13, at AB says: July 11, at 9: LM says: June 19, at 1: May 6, at 3: JS says: October 5, at Amra says: August 6, at February 23, at 2: Dina says: August 3, at Meg says: August 25, at 3: Kathy says: October 10, at 7: Caliyah says: December 15, at 4: Suzanna says: November 20, at 8: November 20, at 1: Maaz says: November 22, at November 25, at 3: Victoria says: Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit.

Will Waplington. I have acquired an iPhone 4 and won't turn on or even charge. I have carried out various iPhone repairs in the past and was just looking for some advice on what the problem could be! My iPhone 4 won't turn on I phoned my mum to say I was going out and then after I ended it about 10 minutes after that it had gone off wouldn't turn on at all I have tried charging it but still no what shall I do??? Clean iPhone charging port very well with toothbrush and isopropyl alcohol.

Connect to Wall Charger and Reset hold both home and power buttons for about 20 seconds until the iPhone begins to respond. If still problem, replace battery. If still problem, replace charging port assembly with flex cable. Hi, I have replaced the battery and still the phone won't turn on unless plugged in. You suggested to replace the dock connector, why is this please? Show 6 more comments. Make sure your phone us turned off, and using an alcohol swab or q-tip and isopropyl alcohol gently clean inside the charging port.

Typically debris will come out either black or a dark color on the q-tip, and you will know if it needed cleaned. If it is not dirty, then it is the battery or the charging port that will need to be replaced. I finally got my phone to turn on! It says that I can only get into my phone with a password, but I never had a password on my phone!

I then plugged it into my laptop and it didn't even register, great. Yet mine did register on the laptop. So, I left hers in charging in the laptop for another hour, yet again nothing happened, nothing came up on screen, no charging icon, no apple sign, nothing, just a blank black screen. The other problem she has is that the top lock button is completely broken and is un-pressable which made full restarting the phone completely impossible, whilst her home button is almost going too Ridiculous manufacturing from Apple's behalf if you ask me, this also happened to my past iPhone, but I won't go into that now.

So this morning I remembered that my phone had gone into safe mode one time and I vaguely remember holding down the home button whilst you plug in the charger keep the home button held down. It came up with a red battery icon, knowing that the battery had drained completely so I've left it charging and it's all back to normal now. Apr 3, Jan 4, 6: Aug 13, 8: Jul 2, 6: Jan 10, Oct 5, 8: Thanks a lot! Page content loaded.

Aug 11, 7: Sep 26, 3: Oct 14, 1: So I just had a problem with my iPhone 4 charging. When I plugged it in, it would make the charge jingle but the plug would show up in the battery like it was fully charged I think it may also show up when charging with unsupported charger instead of the charging spark or lightning bolt thing that usually shows up when charging.

Lucky for me I had a spare iPhone battery lying around and swapped it out. This was after I tried turning my phone off multiple times and doing a hard reset, which didn't fix the problem. Anyway, the new battery fixed the problem, and now it charges just fine. Im not sure what was wrong with my old battery, it is a few years old, but it seemed to hold a charge just fine before it just stopped charging.

If anyone else has this problem I would recommend trying a hard reset first and then if that doesn't work try swapping the battery before you go messing with the dock connector since it is a lot easier. Oct 26, Oct 30, 9: Apr 1, 3: Apr 4, 9: Communities Contact Support. Sign in.